Get online with the Unifi Lark

Lark puts the Internet in your pocket. Turn it on and connect all of your WiFi enabled devices to blazing fast Internet. Every Lark comes with a 60-day warranty.

Lark puts the internet in your pocket. Just $110.

Every Lark comes with a 60 day warranty.

connect Connect Everything Supports up to up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously endurance Endurance Up to 6.5 hours of battery life safe and secure Safe & Secure Integrated security provides peace of mind when working in public areas fast Blazing Fast 4G & 3G Internet across America

Lark is 78% recycled too. :)

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Lark Data Plans

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We’ve got you covered.

Unifi is powered by the Sprint 4G WiMax and 3G networks. See the detailed coverage map here.